circular pool equation area 3ft deck

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Octagonal deck around a circular pool - Math Central

The radius of the pool half the diameter is r. The width of the deck is w. The rest we will calculate. Now you can see that we are dealing with right triangles, so we can use simply trigonometry to solve the rest of the dimensions. First consider what angle must be. How many identical triangles are there around the whole circle?

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Building an Above Ground Pool Deck

Circular Pool Deck Most above-ground pool decks wrap around a circular or oval-shaped pool. Stairs provide access to a platform to enter the pool and relax on poolside furniture.

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Swimming Pool Surface Area Calculator

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How to Build a Curved Deck

Building a Round or Curved Deck Sistering or Joining Joists Building a Multi-Level Deck How to Build an Above Ground Pool Deck The Tools Needed for Building a

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math problem solving help how to solve step by step

The deck is a larger circle that encloses the pool. The 3ft of deck enlarges the diameter of the circle by 6ft because it goes all the way around the pool - adding 3ft on either side of the original diameter. That makes a diameter of 26 ft, and a radius of 13ft. The formula for the area of a circle is pi r^2 "pi r squared", where r = radius .

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Lesson Problems on a circular pool and a walkway around it

The radius of the pool is 9 meters. Problem 3 A circular pool with a diameter of 32 feet is surrounded by a wood deck of uniform width. If the area of the deck is 213.5 square feet, find the width of the deck. Solution Let r be the unknown width of the deck, in feet. Then the exterior radius of the wood deck is R = 16 x ft. The area of the

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A circular swimming pool, 20 feet in diameter is enclosed by

Find the area of the pool. the radius is 10, so it is pi x 100, or 100pi. assume pi is 3.14. so it is 314. add 3 to the radius, 13. and you get the whole thing with the deck. 13 squared is 169. so it is 169pi, or 530.9. take away the pool area from the new area and u get 216.9 = area of deck.

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Surface Area and Volume - Pool Operation Management

Find the surface area and the volume. 2 A circular spa has a 10 foot diameter and a constant depth of 4 feet deep. Find the surface area and the volume. 3 A rectangular pool has a swimming area and a diving well. The swimming area is 75 feet long by 25 feet wide and is 3 feet deep to 5 feet deep.

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